The Genesis

Mad Rose was founded on the principle of bridging the gap between specialized dental practices and their ideal patients. Recognizing a niche in the market for holistic, biologic, and airway-friendly dental marketing, we set out to create tailored strategies that resonate with practitioners, patients, parents and professional peers. We see  digital marketing as a tool for expanding thought leadership,  promoting practices and raising community awareness about the importance of comprehensive health-focused dental care.

What & How

Our vision is to support the community of providers who are elevating the standard of care and by consistently improving patient outcomes by providing them best in class marketing strategies and services.
Our mission is to empower thought leaders specializing in holistic, biologic, and airway health by enhancing their digital presence and connecting them with patients seeking their unique care.

RJ’s Vision

RJ Elizarraz is the senior partner at Mad Rose. His knack for strategy and his forward-thinking approach earned him the nickname “Big Vision” on Slack. RJ’s leadership and innovative mindset are key to Mad Rose’s success and growth. He believes in combining big ideas with precision execution to get big results. RJ is a champion of “in-sourcing”. He’s kept our entire team operating cohesively under one roof. It’s made more collaborative, creative and efficient.

Peter Talks

Peter Beckwith is one of our founding partners and the visionary behind everything we do. His passion for raising awareness and supporting practices in the airway, holistic, and biologic dentistry fields is unmatched. He’s spent years navigating through his own airway-related health challenges.  He started creating content about the connection between overall health and airway wellness in the early 2000’s. His mission is to share his knowledge & experience with practitioners who want to reach more people with their life-changing treatments. Nobody can articulate the message of hope that the holistic airway movement represents like Peter can. When Peter talks, you can’t help but to listen.

The Secret Sauce

Each member of our team passionately believes in what you are doing for your patients.  Most of us have been (or currently are) patients of providers like you. We’re not just marketers. We’re advocates for a healthier, more holistic approach to dental care.   Each of us is passionate about the transformative power of holistic, biologic, and airway-friendly dentistry.  That passion is our secret sauce.