Digital Marketing to Expand Your  Influence & Grow Your Practice.

Our approach is designed to make your practice shine in its market, draw in the perfect patients, boost your online visibility, educate your patients and fuel growth with precise, tailored marketing techniques.

Creative Strategy

Think of It As A Treatment Plan - For Your Marketing

Our creative strategies include your Founder’s Story, Brand Identity, Messaging Strategy and Naming (if you want a new name for your practice). It’s not just about marketing; it’s about weaving the essence of your practice into every aspect of your digital presence.

  • Founder’s Story: Your why PLUS what makes up the heart and soul of your practice.
  • Brand Identity: Mission.  Values.  What makes your practice unique. Specifics. Things your patients can sink their teeth into.  No pun intended.   Brand promise.
  • Messaging Strategy: What to say. How to say it. Specific tools and tactics to be used. No guesswork

Video Production

Getting Everyone Comfortable to Make Content That Counts

It’s what clients get the most nervous about and it’s what we get the most love for after the shoot.  2 to 3 days of great content creation.  Educational content to reduce redundant in-office conversations. Explainer videos for the website. Quick, fun clips for social media.  Scripted material for commercials.  Patients, parents, peers, team members and YOU!  That’s who we put under the lights to tell the stories.

Social Media Management

Showing Off Your Work WORKS!!! (So does educating)

Sharing patient outcomes gets attention. Because holistic, biologic, and airway concepts are just moving into the mainstream, so does educational content. We take a strategic approach to increase the number of engaged followers you are connecting with.

Paid Advertising

Massive Opportunities for Those of Us Not in The 1%

With less than 1% of all organic social media posts gaining any meaningful traction, paid advertising strategies are crucial if you want a predictable way to get and stay ahead of the competition. Our Founder was raised by school teachers.  He stresses frugality when it comes to investing our clients money on advertising.   We consistently find discounts and value for our clients on the Big 7 platforms AND Pinterest.


We Speak Your Language So You Don’t Have To Do Our Job For Us.

What you do is in our DNA. We work for holistic, biologic and airway aware practices all day everyday. We understand the treatments. Some of our team members have the conditions and embrace the treatments.   From website content to social media posts, we ensure every word reflects the expertise and care you provide.


What Matters Most When It Comes To Branding?  You NEED to Love It.

Our branding service is designed for practices who want to put more focus on the airway, holistic, and biologic part of their practice.  The goal of branding (or re-branding) is to create a fresh, relevant identity that mirrors your thought leadership and reflects your practice’s focus on overall health and wellness.

Website Design

Your Practice Isn’t A Template, Your Website Shouldn’t Be One Either.

Our in-house designers understand your mission, your medicine and your culture. We develop WordPress websites that are visually appealing, functional, and optimized for both SEO and conversions from paid ad traffic.


It Still Matters - How It Works Has Changed

As holistic, biologic, and airway concepts have become more mainstream, SEO has become more important to providers wanting to rank organically. It’s not just about keywords. Google My Business matters. So does visibility on The Big 7 – Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X, Snapchat, TikTok.

Study Club Formation & Promotion

Abundant Referral Networks To Grow Practices and Improve Patient Outcomes

The concept is simple. Create a community of practitioners dedicated to collaboration, multidisciplinary care and the best available treatment plans.  Then, tie that community to your brand. Everybody wins.  Team members and referrals become more energized.  Patient outcomes get better.  Financial performance improves and sense of purpose grows.

Supporting Your Mission. Lunch on Us.

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